Prune It Like A Pro

By: Sandy Huber, Principal
February 2021

Our annual rose pruning demonstration in the University Park World Peace Rose Garden was held virtually on Wednesday, January 13, 2021. 2020 taught us new ways to teach, gather and learn and thankfully this adaptation led us to a new way to enjoy the changing seasons and approach the important task of rose pruning.

Myself, TJ David, and Sylvia Villalobos, the directors and co-creators of the International World Peace Rose Gardens, felt that providing the demonstration is a wonderful opportunity to encourage people to be outside, breathing in the fresh air, and doing something productive that is going to lead to beauty for the entire year. When you prune your rose garden correctly, you have the opportunity to multiply the success of your garden exponentially, and we want that for our garden and yours!

Although this year shook up the normal structure of this demonstration, we are thrilled that this has created an opportunity to bring insights from the University Park World Peace Rose Garden to your own garden! Everyone can achieve a beautiful rose garden and we are excited to share our techniques with you to set you up for success.

TJ David is truly an expert gardener and he used our pruning day at the University Park World Peace Rose Garden as an opportunity to put together an incredible instructional video on how to prune roses like a pro! TJ has decades of experience gardening and has pruned rose gardens all over the world. The tools and tips that he is able to provide are tried and true and, if done correctly, will help your garden flourish! Click here to watch the video and learn how you can take your rose garden bloom to the next level!

Although we hope that the day when we can all gather in the garden together is coming sooner than later, we are grateful to have had this opportunity. With patience and a crisp, cool morning overhead, we were able to film a video that can live on and provide insights into keeping your home rose garden thriving for many years to come!

To learn how to prune like a pro click here!