Rose Garden Feature in the Stockton Record

We were thrilled when we opened The Stockton Record one Tuesday morning and saw our beloved University Park World Peace Rose Garden on the cover of the paper. It was a wonderful surprise to have the beauty of the garden and its impact on visitors shared with the readers.

Continue reading for the descriptions of the photos as shown in the below-pictured edition of The Stockton Record, printed on April 28, 2020.


Top Photo: Debra Lee-Dawson takes pictures among the colorful roses surrounding her at the University Park World Peace Rose Garden on Monday. With summer-like temperatures in the 80s, Lee-Dawson couldn’t have picked a better day for her walk with her sister, Clara Wrish, who was visiting from the San Francisco Bay Area to tour the garden. They were swallowed up by the variety of color from blooming roses. “if anyone feeling sad and depressed about the virus, come to the Peace Garden and see these beautiful roses. No way you can feel sad. You can see the beautiful life that we have and how blessed we are, “Lee-Dawson said. “I just love it!” [Photos by Calixtro Romias/The Stockton Record]

Bottom Left Photo: Roses are big and bold in the University Park World Peace Rose Garden at 599 E. Magnolia St. The garden is open from sunrise to sunset seven days a week.

Bottom Right – Top Photo: Debra Lee-Dawson, left, and her sister Clara Wrish, take in the sights and smells of the blooming roses in the University Park World Peace Garden.

Bottom Right – Bottom Photo: More than 250 rose bushes now are in bloom at the six-year-old garden.