By: Sandy Huber, Principal
December 2020

Every year, the University Park World Peace Rose Garden holds an event on September 21 in honor of the International Day of Peace. This day is significant because it is not a day that is limited to the US or even North America, September 21 is truly an International day. The International Day of Peace, sometimes known as World Peace Day, is a United Nations-sanctioned holiday observed annually. On this day the UN rings a bell and calls for all countries to seize cease fighting, if just for one day of the year. 

As one of the partners of the International World Peace Rose Gardens, it is always a day that we make a point of celebrating peace. 

Although we could not hold a large gathering this year, we wanted to do something to celebrate and acknowledge peace. To us, what better way to celebrate peace than to have the students who won our 2020 Inspirational Messages of Peace contest come to the rose garden to unveil their messages engraved on plaques in the garden?

Our event this year was an open house-style gathering where student and their families could safely socially distance and enjoy a celebration together in the garden.

It was an absolute pleasure to witness the joy and excitement of the students as they get to see their winning messages in the rose garden. It is always an emotional moment when we do a countdown and they lift a box revealing their plaque. The expressions on their own, their siblings, and their loved one’s faces are heartwarming– they are all always so proud.

The International World Peace Rose Gardens co-creator, TJ David, brought a special gift for each student that attended the event: a rose bush. The rose they received will serve as a lasting memory of the University Park World Peace Rose Garden and their winning Inspirational Message of Peace. We hope that every year when that rose blooms they will be reminded of the pride that they have in knowing their words are in the garden for the community to read and learn from. 

We are so thankful to all of the students who participated in this year’s contest and are grateful to be able to share the 12 winning messages from the 2020 contest with you here. Please read on, and be inspired by the incredible messages that we have had the pleasure of celebrating this year.


The Message about Forgiveness
When you forgive you learn how to…
Care for others
Respect one another
Teach one another
Learn from your mistakes
Be helpful
And be supportive
When you forgive someone, you are also being forgiven
8th Grade
Hamilton Elementary

Peace at Last
There I sat under a tree,
Enjoying the mellow breeze,
Watching the flowers swaying in the wind,
Taking in the sweet silence
As I close my eyes, I say, peace at last
8th Grade
Hamilton Elementary

Believe in Seed
We want peace!
We need peace!
World leaders hear us please!
People of all color, race, and creed
Must come together like Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi preached
Peace can be archived!
By planting a seed
Just believe…
8th Grade
Hamilton Elementary

Peace for Everybody
Peace is loving our country needs
Give us the light of peace on earth
I help you and you help me
Peace is joy,
let us sit with our brothers and sisters of the world
4th Grade
Pittman Charter School

Peace for Love
Peace is love; peace is calm
Loving one another all day long
Gentle waves, a daisy so bright
Nature brings peace like a bird in flight
Our earth is lovely and beautiful like the forest
4th Grade
Pittman Charter School

Peace Forever
Peace is freedom and not disturbed
Peace holds families together and forever
Peace is my friend when I am alone
Let us make this world truly fair
One day my wish will come true
My wish: a peaceful world
4th Grade
Pittman Charter School

Sensing Peace
I watch flowers bloom, appreciating their thorns and petals
I smell the sweet flowers and smile
Caressing soft petals,
I hear breezes blowing and feel the sun shining
And I know there is peace
7th Grade
Hamilton Elementary

World Peace
Peace we achieve
Like victory
A goal
To be told
Why do we sit?
And do not make it right
Instead we sit,
And watch them fight
Peace begins with you
7th Grade
Hamilton Elementary

My Image of Peace
If peace is a fraction of what we all think it is,
The world would be so much better
My image of peace is all of us together,
no matter the color of skin or how we look or sound
We can all find peace in ourselves
That is my image of peace
8th Grade
Hamilton Elementary

Treat Peace Right
Peace is like bees buzzing around trees
Peace makes the world a better place
Peace is the sun shining out, peace is love
Hear it in the sound of a bird singing in the morning
4th Grade
Pittman Charter School

Make Peace for the World
Peace is more than just a color
Peace is everywhere in the world
Peace is love
Peace is joy
Peace makes rainbows
Peace makes me happy
4th Grade
Pittman Charter School

Peace on Earth
Peace is not violence, peace is love
Peace is in you; peace is in me
Peace is in everyone you and I see
Peace is awesome and so are you
Peace is calm
4th Grade
Pittman Charter School