We are very proud that University Park is home to multiple educational facilities. From elementary school to university level, education is a huge part of University Park. It has been a difficult year for those working in education, and this month, we are excited to highlight Health Careers Academy (HCA) and share a bit more about their resiliency and how they serve the student population in Stockton.

HCA is a health career-oriented high school that focuses on preparing students for their future careers in health care/medicine. HCA provides a rigorous, student-centered, college preparatory environment in which students will develop academic skills, health career-themed technical skills, and community awareness qualities, providing them with the foundations for a career in the health field and post-secondary academic success.

The school is guided by a concept of PASSION. Passion, to HCA students, faculty, and staff stands for Professional, Academic, Strong, Service-oriented, Integrity, Optimistic, and Nurturing. Each of these qualities are ones that we recognize in every person who comes out of HCA – be it a student, teacher, or staff member – all exude a passion for their career, their goals, and their community. 

During this year HCA, like many other schools, has had to adapt to all that is going on in the world and switch to distance learning with their students. Because of this, we have not had the joy of having the students on campus at University Park. However, we take comfort in knowing that Aaron Mata, principal of HCA, voiced his appreciation to University Park for “being incredibly supportive of our students and staff” especially during these incredibly unpredictable times. 

In a normal year, the presence of the students brings light and youthful energy to the University Park campus. We love to be the place that they hold fond memories and it is always a pleasure at the closing of each school year to witness many students taking their prom, graduation, and many other celebratory photos on the University Park Campus as a memorial of their time at HCA. Although this year feels quite different than many years prior, we are hopeful that to HCA students and staff, University Park will always be a place of growth, nurturing, and sentimentality.

University Park is grateful to have the Health Careers Academy on campus. Our team recognizes the importance of education and the real-world preparation that HCA is providing to its students. Improving the lives of the students of our community and providing them with skills to succeed and achieve their goals is an incredible mission that University Park is proud to play a role in.