Not Your Typical Business Park

By: Sandy Huber, Principal
February 2021

You may have noticed that we often refer to University Park as a campus and not just a business park. There are quite a few reasons we do this; and no, it’s not just because there are multiple school campuses on-site (although we do love that feature too)!  

From the luscious green lawns to the thriving rose garden and the historic buildings, University Park is truly a sanctuary in the city. I wanted to take a moment to appreciate some of my favorite features of what I believe is the jewel of the Historic Magnolia District of Stockton, CA, our very own University Park.

One of my favorite features of University Park has to be our Discovery Trail. The Discovery Trail is a one-mile path through campus sprinkled with art in public places, historic architecture, unique plants and animals, the rose garden, and a centrally located lake with water fountains. Each stop along the trail boasts a placard with a brief overview of its significance to University Park. Whether taking a break from the office to stroll through the park, packing a picnic lunch to enjoy by the lake, meditating in the University Park World Peace Rose Garden, or desiring a bit of a history lesson while going for some exercise, there is a spot along the trail for everyone to enjoy.

The University Park World Peace Rose Garden (UPWPRG) is a place of beauty, inspiration, and inclusion. When going through the process of selecting the roses, of which there are over 245 varieties in the garden, we had 5 criteria that each must fit! Some of course were common criteria when planting a rose garden: Will it grow in our zone? Is it safe around people and other plants? Is it beautiful? Does it smell good? But my favorite of the criteria is focused on the name of the rose. Each rose in the UPWPRG has a name because we want every single person to feel like they have a place here. There are roses named Firefighter, Coretta Scott King, Veterans Honor, Marilyn Monroe, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and so many more. Whatever your interest, background, or dreams, you have a place at University Park – the rose garden represents the rainbow of color that is our community.

Along with all of the beautiful nature, there is incredible architecture and history on-site at University Park. There are not many places in the state where you have the opportunity to renovate historic buildings like there are on this campus. We are proud that we have been able to mix the old with the new when it comes to the buildings on the campus. Take a stroll down the Discovery Trail and you will encounter buildings that have played a significant role in our state’s history, beautifully blended with newer builds that capture old California architectural flavor set into contemporary design.

A business park is defined as an area where company offices and light industrial premises are built. Take one step on the grounds of University Park, and it becomes abundantly clear that it is so much more than a business park – it’s a sanctuary in the city and I encourage you to take a moment and stroll through yourself to see all that this campus can offer you.