The monarch butterfly is one of the most recognizable and well-studied butterflies on the planet. Starting in October, the Monarch Butterfly begins its migration journey from the cooler parts of the United States to warmer areas like Pacific Grove, CA, parts of Southern California, and Mexico. The Monarch Butterfly cannot survive cold winters which is why it travels to find the warmth it needs to make it through the winter. This mural was created specifically for University Park by Artist, Michael Oliva.


The ‘Together” mural underscores the values and purpose embraced at University Park. This piece of art symbolizes the importance of working in unity to support our planet and every person who lives in it. The many hands show the diversity of all peoples in our community and abroad. The different sizes of the hands tell the story of value in embracing and empowering the tiniest child to the eldest among us. On the University Park campus, there are programs to educate children from preschool level, through higher education.


Water is the lifeblood of California. It feeds our crops so they grow healthy and strong. It carries fish from the river to the sea. It nurtures our yards, nourishes our bodies, and helps our cities thrive. The drops of water that make their way through our Valley begin as snow in the Sierra Nevadas, then wind their way through Stockton and our priceless Delta, and enter the mouth of the bay, where they create a haven for swimming dolphins. Water evaporates from the ocean, collects in clouds in the sky, and the cycle begins again. Ocean Ballet, an incredible bronze sculpture created by Montana artist Lyle Johnson. It features four leaping dolphins, their graceful bodies gleaming in the sunlight.


Through University Park World Peace Rose Garden and International World Peace Rose Gardens Organization, local students participate in the Messages of Peace contest. Students are allowed the opportunity to engage with adults and their classmates to develop their personal platform of peace. Winning messages are placed into the garden for visitors to enjoy.